JavaLauncher Overview

JavaLauncher is an executable that launches a Java application by calling the main method on a class configured in a properties file. By renaming the JavaLauncher.exe a developer can choose the name of the java program's launching executable rather than relying on java or javaw normally used to start a java application.

The JavaLauncher.exe relies on the file and the com_moesol_bindings.dll. Both must exist in the same directory as JavaLauncher.exe for the executable to work. The properties file must have the same name prefix as the renamed JavaLauncher.exe. That is, if a developer desires JavaLauncher.exe to launch under the name "myjavaprogram" then the JavaLauncher.exe and the files need to be renamed myjavaprogram.exe and respectively.

The listing below shows an example of a file. The bolded entries are the properties that will need to be changed for each particular JavaLauncher usage scenario.

! Example JavaLauncher configuration

! Sample JVM start options
jvm.start.option.-Xss: -Xss120k
jvm.start.option.-Xmx: -Xmx512m
jvm.start.option.-Dsun.java2d.noddraw: -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true
jvm.start.option.-ea: -ea
! uncomment for remote debugging.
! jvm.start.option.-agentlib: -agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,server=y,address=1235,suspend=n

! Set a property
! value

! This first classpath setting is mandatory
ClassPath.5000.jSegue: ${application.dir}/com_moesol_bindings.jar

! Classpath settings for user applications
! Classpath entries can include both jar files and class file directories
! The numerical part of the property name controls the load order of 
! all classpath entries with the same prefix
ClassPath.5000.sample: ${application.dir}/cjb_samples.jar

! The class on which main will be called.
java.main.class: com.moesol.bindings.javalaunch.SimpleJavaApp

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