Quick Start

This quick start guide creates java bindings to Excel and use those bindings to create an Excel spreadsheet containing "Hello World".

If you have not already done so, download jSegue from SourceForge. Unzip the distribution. Download jSegue- and install into C:/jSegue-

Next create build.xml, an ant build script, to generate bindings to Excel. Use dispatch only based bindings so that you will not have to compile any JNI code.

Next run ant. You should see something similar to this output:

Buildfile: C:\cygwin\home\Hastings\wk-cga\jSegue\doc\quick-start\build.xml
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\cygwin\home\Hastings\wk-cga\jSegue\doc\quick-start\src\Office
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\cygwin\home\Hastings\wk-cga\jSegue\doc\quick-start\src\VBIDE
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\cygwin\home\Hastings\wk-cga\jSegue\doc\quick-start\src\Excel
     [exec] .\JavaAliasGen.cpp: skipping alias MsoRGBType
     [exec] Office method count: 1937
     [exec] Office interface count: 240
     [exec] Office enum count: 1439
     [exec] VBIDE method count: 270
     [exec] VBIDE interface count: 64
     [exec] VBIDE enum count: 50
     [exec] Excel method count: 13965
     [exec] Excel interface count: 687
     [exec] Excel enum count: 1544
Total time: 53 seconds

Next import these java classes into Eclipse (or NetBeans or vi). Write QuickStart.java. Run QuickStart with the system property: -Dcom_moesol_bindings.library.path=C:/jSegue- When you run QuickStart you should see Excel start with a new work book that contains "Hello World" in cell A1.

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