Change Log for jSegue

Robert Hastings2004-10-21 Fixed warning
Robert Hastings2004-10-26 Implemented IUnknown.Jni.equals and hashCode to use the COM property that if two interfaces are Queried for IUnknown then the returned pointers are equal if and only if the original interfaces refered to the same object.
Robert Hastings2004-10-28 Fixed coversion for [out] SAFEARRAY(BSTR) *
Robert Hastings2004-10-29 Fixed coversion for [out] SAFEARRAY(DATE) *
Robert Hastings2004-10-29 Fixed crash. If you called COM.OleUninitialize while you still had IUnknown.Jni objects that needed to call Release in finalize then you would crash because OleUninitialize would have already unloaded the DLL for the COM server (InProc only). Added recordApartment so that you can add apartment checking to IUnknown and IDispatch wrappers. These wrappers do not have checking enabled by default because they don't know which COM server they will be bound to.
Robert Hastings2004-10-29 CppUnit tests that check that the system does the right thing with new fails. Added MSDN workaround for the fact that VC++ 6.0 does not throw std::bad_alloc when new fails. Now it does.
Robert Hastings2004-11-01 Added wstr method for getting a ::std::wstring from a ::java::lang::String.
Robert Hastings2004-11-01 Added support for converting multi-dimensional Java arrays into multi-dimensional SAFEARRAYs
Robert Hastings2004-11-01 Added mult-dim array tests for Strings
Robert Hastings2004-11-02 Improved to have ant changelog compatible output
Robert Hastings2004-11-02 Don't make All depend on CppUnit until we get CppUnit sdk checked in
Robert Hastings2004-11-02 Fixed compile of release build for our cpp unit test cases
Robert Hastings2004-11-02 Ignore generatd cpp unit files
Robert Hastings2004-11-03 Added missing ReleasePrimitiveArrayCritical, fixing bug in event handling code that could cause the JVM to deadlock the next time it wanted to call GetPrimitiveArrayCritical. Addresses forum topic: Listening for track notifications freezes Java threads
Robert Hastings2004-11-03 h-gen
Robert Hastings2004-11-03 Replaced JNIpumpOneMessage with PlatformSDK.GetMessage and PlatformSDK.DispatchMessage. This way I could be sure that JNIpumpOneMessage was not hanging in the DispatchMessage part.
Robert Hastings2004-11-03 Use static method to get the long value for a handle if NULL makes sense for the value of the handle.
Robert Hastings2004-11-04 Change logs for
Robert Hastings2004-11-04 [out] SAFEARRAY(DATE) fix. The previous fix did not get checked into tlb2java
Robert Hastings2004-11-04 Don't do safety check in OleUninitialize unless this is the uninit that matches the first init, since only this uninit actually frees dlls.
Robert Hastings2004-11-04 New check in OleUninitialize for leaked interfaces revealed that some unit tests were actually failing to release some interfaces. This checkin fixes those.