Change Log for jSegue

Robert Hastings2004-11-04 Change logs for
Robert Hastings2004-11-04 [out] SAFEARRAY(DATE) fix. The previous fix did not get checked into tlb2java
Robert Hastings2004-11-04 Don't do safety check in OleUninitialize unless this is the uninit that matches the first init, since only this uninit actually frees dlls.
Robert Hastings2004-11-04 New check in OleUninitialize for leaked interfaces revealed that some unit tests were actually failing to release some interfaces. This checkin fixes those.
Robert Hastings2004-11-04 Fixed warning
Robert Hastings2004-11-04 Changelogs for
Robert Hastings2004-11-11 Added h-gen for java.lang.reflect.Array
Robert Hastings2004-11-11 h-gen
Robert Hastings2004-11-11 Added a jni_env wrapper for IsAssignableFrom.
Robert Hastings2004-11-11 Added a test for setting a VARIANT property with VARIANT[]. This passes SAFEARRAY(VARIANT) through to the COM server. Fixed problems exposed when one of the VARIANTs in the array was of type VT_EMPTY. Added a test for getting a VARIANT property that returns a SAFEARRAY(VARIANT) where one of the VARIANT elements was of type VT_EMPTY. Fixed problems exposed.
Robert Hastings2004-11-12 Fixed vc6 compiler error
Adam Perry-Pelletier2004-11-23 Added SetCurrentDirectory and GetCurrentDirectory to PlatformSDK.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2004-11-24 Fixed test to test for null output array as input to the GetCurrentDirectory call.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2004-11-24 Changes in GetCurrentDirectory that were result of code review.