Change Log for jSegue

Robert Hastings2004-12-03 Return the connection point listener cookie from add*Listener.
Robert Hastings2004-12-06 Fixed usage documentatoin for h-gen.
Robert Hastings2004-12-09 Moved throwing_hresult to jcom.h to that j.h can compile without ATL
Robert Hastings2004-12-22 Reduced the expected calls per second to 30000 for my laptop.
Robert Hastings2004-12-22 Use "c:/Program Files" as a directory to cd to since most windows machines will have this directory.
Karl Schricker2004-12-29 Added implementation for visitCoClass. This will be used by transforms supporting Atlas2Xml.
Karl Schricker2004-12-29 Cleaned up visitCoClass().
Robert Hastings2005-01-06 Added more information to the XML output. A coclasses' interfaces are output as sub-elements to the coclass.
Robert Hastings2005-01-10 Added missing cvs id
Robert Hastings2005-01-10 Added some COM utility functions for properties
Robert Hastings2005-01-10 Fixed a bug where tlb2java would go into an infinite loop trying to check if the generated file was the same as the old file when the old file existed but the generated file failed to get generated.
Robert Hastings2005-01-12 Added prop_utils.h
Robert Hastings2005-01-12 QI into a tmp then assign to protect against assigning a smart pointer to itself.
Robert Hastings2005-01-13 Fixed a memory leak when converting SAFEARRAY(VARIANT) to a Java array. ::SafeArrayGetElement requires a VariantClear on the element we get for VARIANT, BSTR, IDispatch *, and IUnknown *.
Robert Hastings2005-01-14 Added CLSID utils with a helper operator to stream out a CLSID
Robert Hastings2005-01-15 Added prologue_out_arg, to check and init incoming [out] params
Robert Hastings2005-01-19 Anthill version
Robert Hastings2005-01-19 Added version.txt for anthill
Robert Hastings2005-01-20 Added a version.vc6.txt file so that anthill has a different build version number stream for vc6
Robert Hastings2005-01-20 fixed version format for anthill
build2005-01-20 Committed_by_Anthill
Robert Hastings2005-01-20 Added support for getting the jSegue version from the anthill updated version file.
Robert Hastings2005-01-20 Setup for a version 1.0.1.x release
Robert Hastings2005-01-20 Fixed off by one error in AnthillVersionProperties.main
Robert Hastings2005-01-20 Added missing file.close
Robert Hastings2005-01-20 Updated AnthillVersionProperties and CvsVersionProperties so that the output files only get written if it would be different. This way our build scripts don't touch header files that would cause everything to rebuild when nothing has changed.
Robert Hastings2005-01-20 Return true for changed if the old file does not exist!
Robert Hastings2005-01-21 Changed to use anthill version information Make ant targets for version-properties sharable.
Robert Hastings2005-01-21 Added needed anthill dependency target
Robert Hastings2005-01-25 Silenced warning
Robert Hastings2005-01-25 Moved VT_* constants out of VARIANT and into VARENUM. For backward compatibility VARIANT implements the interface VARENUM so all the VT_* constants are available. Fixed static field #ifdef protection to protect on the new name. Static field NULL_ was not accessible before because the #ifdef was against NULL instead of NULL_.
Robert Hastings2005-01-25 Fixed static field #ifdef protection to protect on the new name. Static field NULL_ was not accessible before because the #ifdef was against NULL instead of NULL_.
Robert Hastings2005-01-25 Updated the handling of VARIANTs with variant type of VT_EMPTY or VT_NULL. Before VT_EMPTY was returned as null. Now it is returned as VARIANT.EMPTY. VT_NULL was not correctly handled in all cases, sometimes causing an UnsupportedVariant exception. Now it is returned as VARIANT.NULL. Note that you may still want to check for null because a VARIANT of type VT_BSTR can have the pbstr member set to NULL, thus causing jSegue to return null.
Robert Hastings2005-01-25 Echo out the anthill or cvs version once we determine it
Robert Hastings2005-02-01 Renamed so anthill will ignore this file as a change
Robert Hastings2005-02-01 Reworked some of the C++ templates so that they would compile under the borland C++ compiler
Robert Hastings2005-02-01 deploy zip and junit on anthill build
Robert Hastings2005-02-02 Reworked the handling of VARIANTs to be backward compatible with previous releases. Now VT_EMPTY and VT_NULL both get returned as a Java null.
Robert Hastings2005-02-03 Added specialization to prologue_out_arg for VARIANT *
Robert Hastings2005-02-03 Surrounded w/namespace
Robert Hastings2005-02-04 Fail build if automated JUnit tests fail
Robert Hastings2005-02-10 Added OleThread.safeInvokeAndWait. It calls simpleInvokeAndWait under the hood, but catches errors thrown by the runnable and throws a RuntimeException on the callers thread that wraps the Error. Usefull for JUnit tests that routinely throw AssertionFailureError.
Robert Hastings2005-02-10 Deploy JUnit results even if the tests fail
Robert Hastings2005-02-10 Switched the order of looking for a dll so that you can always override what was put into system preferences by defining a system property
Robert Hastings2005-02-18 Added Access() to com property so that you don't always need to make a copy when you want to work with a property.
Robert Hastings2005-02-23 <issue id="CJB10"/>Fixed passing null through -disp_only generated binding
Robert Hastings2005-02-24 Fixed broken build, typo