Change Log for jSegue

Robert Hastings2005-02-24 Added VtTraits to support common code for VT_BSTR, VT_LPSTR, and VT_LPWSTR New VtProperty uses VtTraits so that more common property support code can be shared
Robert Hastings2005-02-24 Added LPSTR and LPWSTR properties. These cannot be called with IDispatch::Invoke at this time because VARIANT does not support them
Robert Hastings2005-02-24 Added tests for setting NullBSTR, NullDispatch, NullUnknown. Added tests for LPSTR and LPWSTR. These succeed if they throw a COM error since the underlying COM support does not pass these through IDispatch->Invoke.
Robert Hastings2005-02-24 Generated
Robert Hastings2005-02-24 Now that ComServer.idl has LPSTR and LPWSTR we need to at least make sure that tlb2java supports generating compilable code for these.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-02-24 Release notes for jSegue-
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-02-25 Added release notes for new release.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-02-25 Added anthill target.
build2005-02-25 Committed_by_Anthill