Change Log for jSegue

Robert Hastings2005-03-02 Committed C++Builder project files. Added a C++Builder test program with a main entry point.
Robert Hastings2005-03-04 During mock objects transformations I discovered that IDispatch and IUnknown were off by one level of indirection, this fixes that
Robert Hastings2005-03-18 Ignore word temp files
Robert Hastings2005-04-01 When using -disp_only we still generate java code to use JNI when we run into an interface that does NOT derive from IDispatch. We mostly do this so that the java code will still compile.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-04-01 A common programming error when using OleThread is users don't call startAndInit() before invoking a thread operation through the various invoke calls. This commits adds code that will throw an IllegalStateException if one of the invoke methods has been called before startAndInit has been called.
Robert Hastings2005-04-08 Workaround buggy type libraries that are missing [source] interface markers on their coclass'es. New public static COM.addListener/removeListener methods let you add/remove listeners if you know the DIID. Also, fixed a bug where the listener cookie map might not be found (e.g. two java instances for the same coclass). Refactored so that the cookie managment happens in IUnknown using helper classes.
Robert Hastings2005-04-08 Had to make MoeSolInternal public
Robert Hastings2005-04-08 Fixed bug in code that tries to find IFace.Jni from IFace. IUnknown.Jni.MoeSolInternal was being found
Robert Hastings2005-04-08 h-gen
Robert Hastings2005-04-14 For getting the version information from a cvs tag we were missing a way to set the cvs.tag.prefix
Robert Hastings2005-04-14 When we have trouble with the writing of version properties throw a runtime error with the real exception as the cause so that we get better error diags.
Robert Hastings2005-04-14 Reworked the version logic so that we use the version defaults if we cannot find a version entry that matches what we are looking for. Better error diags.
Robert Hastings2005-04-14 Refactored to share toString template function
Robert Hastings2005-04-14 Added support for structures to idl to xml.
Robert Hastings2005-04-14 Fixed regression. Also, fixed the fact that sometimes the time would change causes this unit test to fail
Robert Hastings2005-04-19 Added a manifest with version info, <issue id="CJB15">
Robert Hastings2005-04-19 <issue id="CJB15"> this test code prints out how java sees the info in the manifest file.
Robert Hastings2005-04-20 Expanded tlb2java to generate java wrapper code for structures defined in a typelibrary.
Robert Hastings2005-04-20 Added new files
Robert Hastings2005-04-21 Added support for accessing arrays of native structures that are nested in native structures. When getting, no bytes are copied, structure wrapper classes are just bound to the correct byte offsets in the byte buffers. Refactored: pulled up equals and hashCode from GUID to NativeStructure.
Robert Hastings2005-04-21 Generate copyless code for arrays of structures. Use length_is() attribute when supplied with the -missing option. Error if a field comes after a variable sized array Refactor so that NativeStructDTP is simpler and shared more code
Robert Hastings2005-04-22 Updated structure support to handle variable sized arrays.
Robert Hastings2005-04-22 Fixed bug in replacer it was dropping the char after the $
Robert Hastings2005-04-22 Fixed bug
Robert Hastings2005-04-22 Fixed, was generating invalid xml
Robert Hastings2005-05-06 Fixed a bug in the computation of the dynamic size
Robert Hastings2005-05-11 Correctly compute getDynamicSize when the last field of a structure is itself a dynamically resizable structure. note that unions cannot be dynamic.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-05-13 Properly detached the the SAFEARRAYs that are elements in the returned array to java so that they are not deleted out from underneath us. This fixes the problem where getting of the attribute TRK_RTN caused a JVM crash.
Robert Hastings2005-05-20 Pass length_is attribute through to the xml
Robert Hastings2005-05-20 Fixed bug. The length_is attribute was not being used for primitive arrays.
Robert Hastings2005-05-20 Emit the offset of each field in the structure as a constant for use outside of the get/set.
Robert Hastings2005-05-25 Added new method for structures that have variable sized arrays. getDynamicSize(count) computes what the dynamic size would be for count elements in the variable sized array.
Robert Hastings2005-05-28 New factory method for creating structs with variable sized arrays, does not nest.
Robert Hastings2005-06-04 Found and fixed two bugs when dealing with unsigned values. For unsigned byte/int 0xFF or 0xFFFFFFFF would be returned as -1. Added put/getUnsignedShortArray.
Robert Hastings2005-06-04 Fixed bug in test.
Robert Hastings2005-06-04 Fixed regression. Called clear, but that is not right because that sets limit to the capacity. Ended up calling position(0) to ensure that we have all our bytes remaining. Otherwise, we were sometimes hashing over nothing. Also, just use the byte buffer hashCode method.
Robert Hastings2005-06-04 Added support for -missing <type>.<field> [string]. When tlb2java sees this for a field it assumes that the field is a C style string and creates a getter and setter that use the java String type. The old getter and setter are available as methods prefixed with underscore.
Robert Hastings2005-06-04 Fixed a bug in getString(offset, length). Also, made getSlice return a "tighter" byte buffer. The old form did not set the capacity of the returned buffer. The new form sets the limit and capacity.
Robert Hastings2005-06-06 By using dup before creating the slice we make sure that the original position and limit are not modified.
Robert Hastings2005-06-06 By using dup before creating the slice we make sure that the original position and limit are not modified. Also, went back to not reducing the capacity in the slice. Need to verify no code takes advange of the fact that a slice's capacity may be larger than the limit.
Robert Hastings2005-06-06 fixed typo
Robert Hastings2005-06-06 Fixed missing getDynamicSize on array fields.
Robert Hastings2005-06-07 Added a comment about long being a C/C++ 4 byte long */
Robert Hastings2005-06-09 Update equals and hashCode. Fast return if this == other. Dup the byte buffer and set position to 0 before calling bb.equals or bb.hashCode.
Robert Hastings2005-06-09 Added a check for other == null in equals to avoid a NullPointerException.
Robert Hastings2005-06-10 Added -xjavadoc support to tlb2java. -xjavadoc causes tlb2java to look for package.xml in the package output directory. If not found it emits an error and exists. If found it merges the text content found into the output javadoc comments.
Robert Hastings2005-06-10 Refactored to use new getContainingTypeLib.
Robert Hastings2005-06-10 Refactored to use computeOutputFilename
Robert Hastings2005-06-10 Added a dispinterface with properties (exposes a place where tlb2java outputs just comments).
Robert Hastings2005-06-10 ws
Robert Hastings2005-06-10 Fixed bug in arg parsing
Robert Hastings2005-06-10 Better error message when we cannot open a package.xml file.
Robert Hastings2005-06-10 Since javadoc and tlb2java -xjavadoc look for files in the package directory we can no longer delete the entire folder during clean. Instead we delete all the files except *.xml and *.html (ant also skips the .cvsignore file).
Robert Hastings2005-06-10 better test docs
Robert Hastings2005-06-10 Added getHelpContext and getHelpFile. Protect getSuper for IUnknown case.
Robert Hastings2005-06-10 Process dispatch, alias, and module.
Robert Hastings2005-06-10 Process dispatch, alias, and module. Added some missing attributes.
Robert Hastings2005-06-11 ignore generated files
Robert Hastings2005-06-13 Updated javadoc
Robert Hastings2005-06-13 Remove usused local
Robert Hastings2005-06-13 Use -xjavadoc for all tlb generations.
Robert Hastings2005-06-13 Started fleshing out the xjavadoc documentation.
Robert Hastings2005-06-13 Implement -xjavadoc for all java code generation.
Robert Hastings2005-06-13 Use a nested <javadoc> element and copy all of its children to the javadoc comment. This allows use to use html elements like <p> in the javadoc xml and have them show up in the javadoc comment.
Robert Hastings2005-06-14 Start of module support, made some big refactorings to share Jni code gen
Robert Hastings2005-06-14 Fix, when we moved to using <javadoc> we now need to check to see if zero nodes are returned to decide to output the missing xpath expression
Robert Hastings2005-06-14 Generate xjavadoc for stdole
Robert Hastings2005-06-14 Fixed up javadoc formating for coclass.
Robert Hastings2005-06-14 Removed IDL: from javadoc is we find a user supplied javadoc using -xjavadoc.
Robert Hastings2005-06-15 Switched to using #import in an attempt to get the msxml stuff to compile under vc6.
Robert Hastings2005-06-15 Make calling Release from finalizer thread safer. Before a thrown Error could hang the ole thead.
Robert Hastings2005-06-15 Refactored to share getDllName, added getDllEntry
Robert Hastings2005-06-15 Added support for type library modules. Now you can declare arbitrary functions in IDL and have tlb2java generate JNI to call them.
Robert Hastings2005-06-15 Removed unused private fields
Robert Hastings2005-06-15 Added a test target tlb-tests-xml to build the xml for com server
Robert Hastings2005-06-15 Removed [in] attribute
Robert Hastings2005-06-15 Added javadoc for module functions.
Robert Hastings2005-06-15 Refactored, moved outJavadocMethod to base
Robert Hastings2005-06-15 Added <return/> element to describe method and function return types. Refactored getMethodAttrStr. Added dll entry attributes for type infos that are modules.
Robert Hastings2005-06-15 Added javadoc merging for modules.
Robert Hastings2005-06-15 Changed type kind names to match those output in xml, should probably refactor xml to use getTypeKindName as well... Changed method signature to use FUNCDESC * instead of funcdesc_holder & so that xml can can call.
Robert Hastings2005-06-15 Fixed @return value javadoc generation. It uses the [retval] param if it exists, otherwise it uses the functions return value unless that got mapped to void.
Robert Hastings2005-06-15 Compile new classes under vc6.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-06-16 Added support to generate XML for both the vtable and dispatch sides of an dual interface.
Robert Hastings2005-06-16 Reformat source code as XML and pull // <frag comments out as actual xml elements.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-06-16 Updated the javadoc generation of capabilities of jSegue to search for javadoc items by keying off a properties propget and propput rather than the renamed Java properties accessors names (ie Latitude rather than getLatitude).
Robert Hastings2005-06-17 Added ant.jar to build ExamplesXmlTask.
Robert Hastings2005-06-17 Ant task to generate examples.xml
Robert Hastings2005-06-17 Expanded classpath to handle ant task
Robert Hastings2005-06-17 Commented taskdef example
Robert Hastings2005-06-17 Suppress IDL for enums that have javadoc
build2005-06-17 Committed_by_Anthill
Robert Hastings2005-06-18 Fixed missing [ when dumping coclass interfaces.
Robert Hastings2005-06-21 Don't show the enum value if javadoc is supplied, the value is still available as a constant field value
Robert Hastings2005-06-21 Use end of line for end of frag markers to allow multiple frags on one one.
Robert Hastings2005-06-21 Changed the xml schema for package.xml files. Added a toplevel xjavadoc element. This allows a Java package to be documented that has more than one type library mapped to it.
Robert Hastings2005-06-22 Include links to implemented interfaces in the coclass section of javadoc.
Robert Hastings2005-06-22 Include the source forge logo on our web page.
Robert Hastings2005-06-24 Fixed xpath expressions used in some xjavadoc lookups. Allow parameters to be renamed so that javadoc names are more meaningful.
Robert Hastings2005-06-24 Added a comment and a tracker item, since I've looked at this a couple of times now
Robert Hastings2005-06-24 If xjavadoc is turned off return idl.
Robert Hastings2005-06-28 Switched from using an assert to throwing a java exception when we are asked to convert a object to a variant. This means that the object is of a type we don't support such as
Robert Hastings2005-06-28 Made the native leak detection thread a daemon thread. Otherwise, behavior is different between -ea run none -ea runs. -ea could cause a program that would normally exit to not exit because of the leak detection thread.
Robert Hastings2005-06-28 Allow parameter renames to use either the actual param name or the param number during the rename. Since typical use of this feature is to rename __MIDL0087 parameters to something meaningful. __MIDL0087 names are automatically generated by midl when a parameter is unnamed. The number used may change from one typelib version to the next. Using the parameter number allows easy handling because IFoo.Method.param.0 will be the same. Otherwise we might have IFoo.Method.__MIDL0078 for one version of the typelib, but IFoo.Method.__MIDL0079 for the next.
Robert Hastings2005-06-29 Refactored to expose the garbage collection loop. New method COM.gc runs System.gc in a loop until there are no unreleased objects or until 1 second has passed.
Robert Hastings2005-06-29 javadoc
Robert Hastings2005-07-04 Ignore t.exe
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-07-14 Commit of first simple minded maven script. This script in now way replaces our automatic build yet. It only does two thing: compiles java, and tests the java. The properties file associated with it is equivalent to setting -source 1.4 on the command line and gets us by the assert() not being found. To test this out. Download and install maven, update path to find maven bin, the simply run >maven java:compile or >maven test.