Change Log for jSegue

Robert Hastings2005-07-19 Added RegEnumKey
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-07-20 Added documentation files to the jsegue website that were artifacts created during the creation of the release. The changes- file was somehow omitted from last post-release check-is, so adding it now.
Robert Hastings2005-07-25 Limitted support for wrapping a java implementation in a native COM object. Currently only dispinterface wrapping is supported.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-07-29 Renamed new wrap method so that it conveys that the java object gets wrapped by IDispatch on the native side.
build2005-07-30 Committed_by_Anthill
Robert Hastings2005-08-04 Added a small swing UI for managing java.util.logger.
Robert Hastings2005-08-04 Expose a getByteBuffer property that returns a byte buffer that is a duplicate of the underlying byte buffer. It is positioned at 0.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-08-05 Reworked the example xml building code so when multiple filesets are sent its way, only one example element gets injected into the examples.xml file.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-08-05 Whitespace change in build.xml to trigger cruisecontrol build.
Robert Hastings2005-08-08 Added a fromString method to GUID to create a GUID from a string. Same as CLSIDFromString or IIDFromString
Robert Hastings2005-08-18 Fixed bad size computation
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-09-14 The last release of jSegue was a 1.4.1.* so this new release will be a 1.4.2.* release.
Robert Hastings2005-09-20 Run with Java 5 as well as Java 4
Robert Hastings2005-09-20 Tesing w/VC++ .NET
Robert Hastings2005-09-30 Ignore a few more output files.
Robert Hastings2005-10-13 Sample vtbl code.
Robert Hastings2005-10-13 New native structure for BITMAP.
Robert Hastings2005-10-14 Added BITMAP
Robert Hastings2005-10-16 Tests for returning double, and float working
Robert Hastings2005-10-18 more testing, return float, double, structs all working
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-10-18 Tlb2java now supports the notion of a parameter rewrite. So you can retype a parameter, and then provide the actual custom C++ conversion code that knows how to handle the new parameter type. Definitions for this code can occur in the default header file for the generated library. The command line args for the retype is given as follows: -retype_param IPictureDef.Bitmap.param.0 com.moesol.bindings.platform_sdk.windows_api.BITMAP 'BITMAPHolder a0(env, p0)'
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-10-18 Added a BITMAPHolder that knows how to convert a bitmap as needed in a retype.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-10-18 Added constness to a few members of primitive_array_critical .
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-10-18 Added a Java class BITMAP that corresponds to the MS BITMAP structure.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-10-18 Added the getObject method on HBITMAP to correspond to the ::GetObject windows_api function to retrieve that actual BITMAP from the HBITMAP handle.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-10-18 Generation differences from h-gen working against different JDK.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-10-19 Changed the BITMAP.set/get_bmBits to take a ByteBuffer vs the original byte []. This will facilitate retyping the return type.
Robert Hastings2005-10-20 Refactored the core of the interface thunking into jcom.h
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-10-25 Added a way for users to retype a parameter that is also a IDL retval. Changed the BITMAPHolder to have cast operators and overloaded operators that allow it to serve as the return converter for a BITMAP. Fixed a memory leak created by storing ParamConversionCfg as a pointer type in a map - changed it to be a reference type and gave it a copy constructor.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-10-26 This commit adds a JUnit test for the new retyping of a parameter functionality of jSegue. The ComServer.idl now has a property RetypeLongToBitmap of type LONG. The LONG is retyped to a BITMAP which is carried through the binding on the java side. See to see its usage in the test. Make not of -retype_param IDual.RetypeLongToBitmap.param.0 com.moesol.bindings.platform_sdk.windows_api.BITMAP BITMAPHolder in the build.xml file. Also see BITMAPHolder to see how that actual conversion is implemented on the C++ side.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-10-26 Removed a dead include file.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-10-26 Replace jniRegistrationStr with getSigClassName as the latter already existed and does the same as the former.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-10-26 Added hashCode and equals methods on BITMAP that reflect that it has a separate field of type ByteBuffer to hold the actual bitmap bits. A unit test exercises these methods when either the stucture bytes change or the bits ByteBuffer change.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-10-26 instanceof takes into account object nullness so I removed the explicit null check in equals.
Robert Hastings2005-10-28 Added checkBitsForHandle
Robert Hastings2005-10-28 Fixed hashCode when m_bits == null
Robert Hastings2005-10-28 The check for ensuring the cached class for cached method ID's was too strict. It was reloading the cache if the value of cached_class and class did not match, but it is safe to NOT reload if they are the same object with different refs. Fixed!
Robert Hastings2005-10-28 Added support to tlb2java for passing simple structures as [in] [out] and [in,out] parameters.
Robert Hastings2005-10-29 Make -disp_only compile for records.
Robert Hastings2005-10-30 Made the version-compile target just compile com/moesol/util/*Version*.java files so that if there are source files that are generated but they have errors in them the bulid still will compile.
Robert Hastings2005-10-30 com.moesol.util.*Version*.java depend on com.moesol.generator.
Robert Hastings2005-10-31 Fixed assertion in unit test. Was a bug in the unit test.
Robert Hastings2005-11-02 Added NULL so that you can write GUID.NULL.equals(x)
Robert Hastings2005-11-02 Added VT_RECORD support Refactored. Added try catch of _com_error to jni_Invoke_impl
Robert Hastings2005-11-02 Added VT_RECORD support
Robert Hastings2005-11-02 Added VT_RECORD support for -disp_only.
Robert Hastings2005-11-02 Added VT_RECORD support for -disp_only. Additionally, added special case handling for STRUCT * so that in java that is the same as STRUCT.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-11-02 Updated the comment to reflect the function actually called.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-11-02 Manually created the version for bundled release with CJB.
Robert Hastings2005-11-02 A little more javadoc for TYPELIB fields.
Robert Hastings2005-11-03 Start of support for fields that are BSTR, VARIANT, SAFEARRAY, or interfaces.
Robert Hastings2005-11-03 Start of support for fields that are BSTR, VARIANT, SAFEARRAY, or interfaces. Added some missing put/get's.
Robert Hastings2005-11-04 Added structure with BSTR, VARIANT, SAFEARRAY, and interface
Robert Hastings2005-11-04 Added VARIANT support.
Robert Hastings2005-11-04 Fixed test, new interface methods.
Robert Hastings2005-11-04 Fixed broken build.
Robert Hastings2005-11-04 Added javadoc.
Robert Hastings2005-11-04 Fixed broken unit test (partial commit allowed some vtbl stuff to get commited early).
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-11-04 Moved BITMAPHolder down into the windows_api namespace and directory. Reworked the export declaration of BITMAPHolder to get rid of compiler warnings introduced as class member vars were exported.
Robert Hastings2005-11-11 Moved
Robert Hastings2005-11-11 Added accessors for type info and TYPEATTR * to the TypeInfoHolder
Robert Hastings2005-11-11 Made VT_DISPATCH and VT_UNKNOWN generate correct code when in records.
Robert Hastings2005-11-11 Moved toString into stdafx.h so that it is shared by all.
Robert Hastings2005-11-11 Added more information to the xml output, such as the funcdesc so that we can see in xml the vtble offset, etc.
Robert Hastings2005-11-11 Refactored the DispatchJavaMethod code so that DispatchJavaStructure can share code with it.
Robert Hastings2005-11-11 Created new jni_copy_bytes method that can copy bytes from a NativeStructure or a ByteBuffer. It does the "right" thing if the underlying ByteBuffer is a HeapByteBuffer or a DirectByteBuffer. Added new vtbl thunking. This is still a work in progress. Fixed up some of the record handling to use malloc and free instead of IRecordInfo::RecordCreate and RecordDestroy. We use malloc and free because we pass owner ship of the nested fields to the Java side.
Robert Hastings2005-11-11 Start of implementing the native code to handle VT_RECORD. [in] and [out] for BSTR, VARIANT, and interfaces are working, but [in,out] is not.
Robert Hastings2005-11-11 Added missing trait methods for call_method_a
Robert Hastings2005-11-11 VT_RECORD tests are not ready for primetime!
Robert Hastings2005-11-11 Progress w/reverse COM. We removed all of the C++ type information from addEntry, so now we look it up from the LIBID and IID. That gets us the ITypeInfo. We then try to drill down into the [dual] side of the interface. Once we do that we have to recurse through all of our base interfaces and have them fill in the entry info that we need. After we visit all bases and the type info for the interface we assert that we have updated all m_entries. JUnit passes for one call. More type support forth coming.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-11-11 Added IRM_EXPORT to the methods rather than the class to fix compiler warnings associated with exporting class member variables.
Robert Hastings2005-11-11 Incremental step toward reverse COM. Replaced the hand coded conversion of int with table driven model. Refactored some of the files, pulled some of the code out of jcom.h into a new jni_ComInterfaceThunk.h
Robert Hastings2005-11-12 Fixed problems with second runs of tests.
Robert Hastings2005-11-12 Move unit tests.
Robert Hastings2005-11-12 Moved auto_delete_vector to jcom.h to share w/jni_ComInterfaceThunk
Robert Hastings2005-11-12 Added std:: so that jcom.h will compile even if no using namespace std has been seen.
Robert Hastings2005-11-12 Refactored to share jni_convert_value. Table driven system for creating parameter handlers is working. Many more types should be working. JUnit tests for INT, BYTE, DWORD, and BSTR (sans as an out parameter) are working
Robert Hastings2005-11-12 Moved DumpBytes class from Cga and extended it to support dumping ByteBuffer data (heap or direct). Added some JUnit tests.
Robert Hastings2005-11-12 Added toString to help w/debugging on the java side. Started a small unit test
Robert Hastings2005-11-12 Added GEN_CONST_NAME to help with generating the mapping of VT_FOO to the string "VT_FOO" on the java side.
Robert Hastings2005-11-12 Added support for getting number of outstanding interfaces
Robert Hastings2005-11-12 Added code for computing the size of each argument on the stack. Cleaned up some minor todo's.
Robert Hastings2005-11-12 Added missing BSTR/jobject conversion, refactoed all of the BSTR conversions to just call the BSTR/jstring conversion.
Robert Hastings2005-11-12 Refactored vtable tests into their own ComInterfaceThunkTest class.
Robert Hastings2005-11-12 Added support for passing in and out a VARIANT of VT_ERROR. Before we would throw unsupported variant type. Added unit test for it on disp only side.
Robert Hastings2005-11-14 Javadoc
Robert Hastings2005-11-14 added getIID
Robert Hastings2005-11-14 Beginning of query interface implementation
Robert Hastings2005-11-15 h-gen
Robert Hastings2005-11-15 Partially working "reverse COM" QueryInterface. The main feature missing at this time is support for always returning the same interface pointer for IUnknown.
Robert Hastings2005-11-15 Partially working "reverse COM" QueryInterface. The main feature missing at this time is support for always returning the same interface pointer for IUnknown. Added missing singleton accessor instance() to IUnknown and IDispatch
Robert Hastings2005-11-15 Skeleton in proc server that will eventually host java COM components
Robert Hastings2005-11-15 Include dependent headers, make in_proc depend on bindings
Robert Hastings2005-11-15 Refactored, extracted IUnknown::detach
Robert Hastings2005-11-15 Start of dllGetClassObject
Robert Hastings2005-11-15 Start of thread local to store/access the raw HRESULT
Robert Hastings2005-11-15 fixed build error in in_proc
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-11-15 Initial commit of the new com_moesol_java_launch project which builds the com_moesol_java_launch.dll. This project extracts the java launching capabilities used by JavaMapInjector for use by other applications, notably the C2PC Gateway Java CGI functionality.
Robert Hastings2005-11-15 Copy dependent dll, com_moesol_bindings
Robert Hastings2005-11-15 Do not post a dialog box when an unhandled exception occurs. Instead call back to COM.uncaughtException and let it map (if it can) and log the exception.
Robert Hastings2005-11-15 IUnknown_00024::detach was broken, fixed
Robert Hastings2005-11-16 Updated CLSCTX enums to match latest Microsoft docs.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-11-16 Initial commit of the JavaLauncher application that will launch a Java class's main method as specified in a configuration properties file.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-11-16 Fixed Release build configuration.
Robert Hastings2005-11-16 Better error reporting. Log any java exception even COMException. Use COM::uncaughtException to map java exception to HRESULT (including COMException).
Robert Hastings2005-11-16 Fixed memory leak if the thunk will not be used because an error is thrown, delete it
Robert Hastings2005-11-16 Implemented dllGetClassObject.
Robert Hastings2005-11-16 ComClassFactory is a Java implementation of IClassFactory. Since a java Class objects can act as a class factory ComClassFactory simply wraps IClassFactory around a Class object.
Robert Hastings2005-11-16 Brought over all COM error codes. Added HRESULT_FROM_NT and HRESULT_FROM_WIN32 from MSDN documentation.
Robert Hastings2005-11-16 Start of thunking for IDispatch
Robert Hastings2005-11-16 Added support for custom thunk methods to handle IUnknown, IDispatch, and IClassFactory. In general, the custom thunk can be used for any interface that does not have a typelib or that you need to override.
Robert Hastings2005-11-16 Fixed warning by making some private methods that get called from JNI default
Robert Hastings2005-11-16 Bindings for IClassFactory, forward and reverse COM.
Robert Hastings2005-11-16 comment
Robert Hastings2005-11-16 Implement QueryInterface vi COM.providedQueryInterface
Robert Hastings2005-11-16 Moved LastHRESULT from tests to src</dn
Robert Hastings2005-11-16 Add static accessor
Robert Hastings2005-11-16 Oops, backout testDllGetClassObject since its unit test is not quite ready for prime-time
Robert Hastings2005-11-17 Added registerServer and unregisterServer to COM.
Robert Hastings2005-11-17 Removed commented out code
Robert Hastings2005-11-17 Added Close helper method.
Robert Hastings2005-11-17 Deprecated RegSetKeyEx, it should have been named RegSetValueEx
Robert Hastings2005-11-17 Fixed getBindingsPath
Robert Hastings2005-11-17 Fixed testDllGetClassObject to work on any maching by registering MyVtableServer. Also, note that this unit test unregisters MyVtableServer when the test finishes.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-11-17 Heavy refactoring in prep for final logging of errors. Added a way to set a debug flag in the properties file. Created a method that adds the executable module's name to pass down to Java.
Robert Hastings2005-11-18 Renamed deprecated method
Robert Hastings2005-11-18 Moved in proc server into com_moesol_bindings
Robert Hastings2005-11-18 Added comment
Robert Hastings2005-11-18 Added a sample C++ program to create the java component and use reverse COM to access it.
Robert Hastings2005-11-18 Lowered log level from INFO/WARNING to FINE because these exceptions are getting converted into HRESULTs which then get converted back to reasonable messages. Also, QI is going to fail for any interface the object does not implemnt and this is OK. To see more detail about an exception thrown from a Java COM server you just turn up the log level for com.moesol.bindings.platform_sdk.component_services.COM.
Robert Hastings2005-11-18 Added missing module .def file
Robert Hastings2005-11-18 Refactored, and added a CoCreateInstance test. This test is currently not being run (XXXtest previx) because the start_vm code in DllGetClassObject needs to dynamically build the CLASSPATH
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-11-19 The JavaLauncher now send error information to the Windows Event Log. Error reporting was improved across the application. Custom messages resources were added so that the event log has nice error output.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-11-19 Change from Binary to ASCII.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-11-23 Added better logging information and caught specific exceptions to drive specific logging.
Robert Hastings2005-11-23 Added fullpath to launch.
Robert Hastings2005-11-23 Made calling vtable methods with IUnknown and IDispatch work
Karl Schricker2005-11-24 Added more instances of ${devenv.home}
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-11-24 Moved Java.cpp and Java.h into com_moesol_bindings so that we don't have to ship an extra dll. However, due to heap allocations across build configurations, the Java.cpp and Java.h are not actually built into the com_moesol_bindings.dll but are included in projects that build other executables.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-11-24 Got rid of the last vestiges of com_moesol_java_launch.
Robert Hastings2005-11-24 Ignore Debug directory
Robert Hastings2005-11-24 Refactored to extract a jni_Param class
Robert Hastings2005-11-24 Partial handling of COCLASS and INTERFACE user defined types
Robert Hastings2005-11-24 fixed build error in projects that do not use the std namespace.
jlcos2005-11-26 Configure Eclipse to use an external Ant builder
Robert Hastings2005-11-26 "Reverse COM" now works for all interface pointer types, the two special cases VT_UNKNOWN, VT_DISPATCH, and the three VT_PTR,VT_USERDEFINED cases TKIND_DISPATCH, TKIND_INTERFACE, and TKIND_COCLASS. Created two classes derived from param_handler_info_impl<VT_UNKNOWN>, coclass_handler_info_impl, and interface_handler_info_impl.
jlcos2005-11-26 Disable ant builder for incremental Eclipse builds
Robert Hastings2005-11-28 Partial start of managing IUnknown identity
Robert Hastings2005-11-28 Deleted tmp file, breaks build
Robert Hastings2005-11-28 Fixed broken build.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-11-29 Prepared JavaLauncher for inclusion into CJB's MSI. Added a trivial simple app that pops up a dialog in java to demonstrate simple usage of JavaLauncher.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-11-29 Pulled a file up from jSegue to here. Although seemingly generic, this file is specific for the installed location of CJB and not jSeuge, so moved it out of jSegue. jSegue now has a similar file that works for local directory.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-11-29 Fixed a bug where java exceptions weren't getting posted to the event log properly. The ostringstream didn't know how to convert ::java::lang::String so it only put the address of it out to the event log. Now the full message appears as the ::java::lang::String was converted to a const char *.
Robert Hastings2005-11-29 Fixed eclipse warning
Robert Hastings2005-11-29 For reverse COM this implements the COM requirement that when you query to IUnknown from any interface to the COM server you must get back the same pointer so that clients can compare for equality.
Robert Hastings2005-11-29 Renamed ComCoClass to ComObjectRoot since it functions more like the ATL CComObjectRoot.
Robert Hastings2005-11-29 Freeze the COM map on the first QueryInterface. This is another COM requirement of IUnknown::QueryInterface, quote: The set of interfaces accessible on an object through IUnknown::QueryInterface must be static, not dynamic. This means that if a call to QueryInterface for a pointer to a specified interface succeeds the first time, it must succeed again, and if it fails the first time, it must fail on all subsequent queries.
Robert Hastings2005-11-29 Test that FinalRelease is called during server teardown.
Robert Hastings2005-11-29 Added one more assert and comments to indicate what might be happening
Robert Hastings2005-11-29 Make sure we work in the face of "bad clients" that free com servers via the wrong interfaces
Robert Hastings2005-11-29 Added a main method so we can quickly register this server for develmental testing
Robert Hastings2005-11-29 Updated how reverse COM handles COM interface reference counts. The goal of this update is to make it so that when the server implements a COM interface the resulting implementation can be used from native COM clients or directly from Java and still have the same reference count behavior. Take for example, calling IUnknown result = idual.getPropIUnknown(); From the forward COM perspective the caller must later call result.Release(), (actually the GC will eventually call this method, but this discussion is sans what help the GC gives). So, when java code directly calls idual.getPropIUnknown without and jSegue layers we need to have that method create a new COM reference (via QueryInterface) that the client can call Release on without releasing the interface the server holds. So we had to update reverse COM to match this expectation on the server. Now both methods work as expected.
Robert Hastings2005-11-30 Moved DumpBytes from the ui package to the util package.
Robert Hastings2005-11-30 Added support for using inner classes to implement interfaces.
Robert Hastings2005-11-30 Added support for registering COM component categories.
Robert Hastings2005-11-30 Re-enabled all these unit tests
Robert Hastings2005-11-30 More inner implementation testing. This tests that you can create a top-level class that implements an interface and then add it to the ComObjectRoot and things still work.
Robert Hastings2005-11-30 Relaxed assert for methods with zero args. In these cases is makes sense to pass NULL for the args parameter.
Robert Hastings2005-11-30 Added another unit test to test that we can call inner/inner IDual2 methods.
Robert Hastings2005-11-30 Start of COM aggregation support
Robert Hastings2005-12-01 Javadoc warnings
Robert Hastings2005-12-01 When reviewing code for aggregation support I realized that calling QueryInterface,AddRef, or Release through an interface that was implemented with InnerInterface would cause a ClassCastException. This commit fixes that bug.
Robert Hastings2005-12-02 Partial index property support for mx build which now needs this for the tms mock
Robert Hastings2005-12-02 Correctly build output java arrary for array types that contain object elements.
Robert Hastings2005-12-02 Fixed bug in out handling of COM interface pointers.
Robert Hastings2005-12-02 Renamed ComObjectRoot to ComObject, merged the functionaltiy of InnerInterface with ComObject. Added support for Java aggregation which is very similar to COM aggregation. and will be the basis of the COM aggregation support
Robert Hastings2005-12-02 Missing h-gen files
Robert Hastings2005-12-03 Updated ReverseCOM diagrams
Robert Hastings2005-12-03 Fixed warning
Robert Hastings2005-12-03 Refactored to catch array, reduces one JNI call
Robert Hastings2005-12-03 Fixed bug with [in, out] on COM interfaces, was causing VM crash, includes unit test
Robert Hastings2005-12-03 ByteBuffer memcpy support, still need some refactoring with this
Robert Hastings2005-12-03 Start of COM aggregation support. Renamed some support classes. Have common architecture for Java and COM aggregation. Have basic graph setup.
Robert Hastings2005-12-05 Added more to the unit test for IUnknownAsInOut
Robert Hastings2005-12-05 added missing line in aggregation graph
Robert Hastings2005-12-06 Cleaned up the option handling, added abort and exit handlers.
Robert Hastings2005-12-06 Expose the COM map for unit testing and modification. Switched to using an unmodifiable hash map when the COM map is frozen.
Robert Hastings2005-12-06 Completed "inner" aggregation testing. Java COM object servers can now be used as aggregates of other (even native) COM object servers.
Robert Hastings2005-12-06 Added testing of [in, out] IUnknown **
Robert Hastings2005-12-06 Added a todo unit test
Robert Hastings2005-12-06 Fixed broken unit test, forgot to commit this change
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-12-06 Commit of resource only .dll and the event logging for com_moesol_bindings.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-12-06 Fixed broken release build.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-12-06 Refactored the event logging mechanism into a class named EventLog so other areas of code relying on MessageBox could be transitioned to using EventLog.
Robert Hastings2005-12-06 Refectored ByteBuffer handling
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-12-06 The functor now throws an exception rather than ASSERTs when the underlying funtor member is NULL. Made com_moesol_bindings rethrow lower-leverl errors/exceptions. Removed generated files from the build.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-12-06 Added back deleted files. These are actually needed as com_moesol_bindings needs them.
Robert Hastings2005-12-06 Fixed bug with byte buffer refactoring, forgot to init m_direct to NULL when the byte buffer is not a direct byte buffer.
Robert Hastings2005-12-07 Fixed a hard-coded path in the event registration. Bound the event application name to the dll name to avoid conflicts with hosting application logging.
Robert Hastings2005-12-07 Made JavaLauncher work with '.'s in the class name as well as with '/'. So now works when before only foo/bar/MainClass would work.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-12-08 Header files are ASCII not binary.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-12-08 Got rid of onerous event logging at the INFO level that was polluting the Windows Event Log.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-12-08 Removed a dead file from the repository and the build. This is a resource-only dll.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-12-08 Exported EventLog functionalrity for use in other dlls and exes.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-12-08 Now that EventLog is refactored and exported from com_moesol_bindings.dll, the custom logging that was used in JavaLauncher has been eliminated in favor of that in EventLog in com_moesol_bindings.dll.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-12-08 Fixed broken build due to including a deleted header file.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-12-08 Refactoring: decompose conditional statement for better clarity.
jlcos2005-12-09 Disable Eclipse ant builder until resource problems can be resolved.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-12-09 Decomposed conditional logic to a helper method. Created maybeDeReferncePtr to consolidate duplicative code.
Robert Hastings2005-12-10 Added unit test to see what happens when an event handler throws an exception
Robert Hastings2005-12-10 Fixed JUnit, forgot remove listener
derek2005-12-13 Added CoCreateGUID to COM class now provides a unique GUID creation capability. JUnit Test added t
Robert Hastings2005-12-13 Removed empty file
Robert Hastings2005-12-13 Added code to create a class path builder from preferences setup in the windows registry
Robert Hastings2005-12-14 Replaced emacs last edit time with cvs Id
derek2005-12-14 Updated name of CoCreateGUID method to CoCreateGuid
Robert Hastings2005-12-14 Finished reverse COM documentation.
Robert Hastings2005-12-14 Added support for com_inproc_groups
Robert Hastings2005-12-14 Reverse COM support for setting the system classpath from registry entries.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-12-14 Implemented code generation path for the VT_CARRAY c-style array type. Currently this code path only supports char arrays. So one can use idl notation [id(78)] HRESULT InCArrayType([in] char pVal[20]); [id(79)] HRESULT OutCArrayType([out] char pVal[20]);
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-12-15 Made the memory allocation/manipulation calls a little bit more robust and better able to handle future mods where the array element size may change.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2005-12-15 The com_moesol_event_log project regenerated the messages file every time it built. This caused CVS to show these files as changed on every commit event when the file did not actually change. The generation of the message definitions has been removed from the visual studio project and moved to the ant script for generation only when it actually changes.
Robert Hastings2005-12-16 Moved UnsignedByteBuffer, UnsignedLongBuffer, and UnsignedShortBuffer into jSegue so that jSegue can use these classes.
Robert Hastings2005-12-16 Added a junit test for UnsignedByteBuffer
Robert Hastings2005-12-16 Added better support to SAFEARRAY conversions for VARIANTs. You can now use an UnsignedByteBuffer, UnsignedLongBuffer, or UnsignedShortBuffer as the object in setArray or makeArray. This is more convenient for these unsigned types than creating an array of the promoted java type (short, int, long).
Robert Hastings2005-12-16 Fixed field access when the field is a jbyteArray. Needed to static_cast the jobject to the return type
Robert Hastings2005-12-16 Fixed jni_bb_mempcy family of functions to work with read-only non-direct byte buffers. Also, read-only direct byte buffers throw a read-only exception if they are used as the destination of a jni_bb_memcpy.
Robert Hastings2005-12-17 Handle more types in Reverse COM: Typedefs and enums.
Robert Hastings2005-12-17 Made multiple args work with Reverse COM
Robert Hastings2005-12-17 Added is bad write pointer checking to reverse com in,out handler.
Robert Hastings2005-12-20 Fix warning
Robert Hastings2005-12-22 Added root aliases for HKEY from PlatformSDK to HKEY.
Robert Hastings2005-12-22 Deprecated simpleInvokeAndWait, since safeInvokeAndWait is better.
Robert Hastings2005-12-22 Fixed generic error message.
Robert Hastings2005-12-22 Fixed possible uncaught exception that could happen if the java code to convert the uncaught java exception threw.
Robert Hastings2005-12-22 Added support for registering the ThreadingModel when registering Java COM objects. The default ThreadingModel is Apartment. Refactored the registry support out of COM and into a new class, ComRegistryHelper.
Robert Hastings2005-12-23 Log stack trace for Java exception in windows Event Log.
Robert Hastings2005-12-23 Added some convenience methods to HKEY to mirror what we do for HMENU, etc.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2006-01-03 When registering a Java COM object, it may or may not utilize the implemented categories features of COM. This commit allows registration to continue if a COM object doesn't use implemented categories.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2006-01-05 Fixed the build so it can locate the message compiler mc.exe without user modification of the 'path' environmental variable.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2006-01-19 Added documentation to the jSegue website that details how to configure JavaLauncher.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2006-01-19 Got rid of reference to irm in the jSegue example file.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2006-01-19 Added some user comments to the example section.
Robert Hastings2006-01-19 Fixed bug CJB60 by simplifying the factory_functor and new_instance_factory. Now we pass the factory_functor as a pointer from the top down. There is a new not_impl_factory_functor and a function_pointer_factory_functor that handle all of the non-reverse-com needs from before
Adam Perry-Pelletier2006-01-24 Fixed grammar error in docs.
Robert Hastings2006-02-01 Added a fine level log message so that you can know where we are looking for the dev properties file
Robert Hastings2006-02-01 A few more error constants, we really need to add them all
Robert Hastings2006-02-01 Updated the event log message to include one possible cause, the dreaded launch with remote debugging set to a port that is already in use.
Robert Hastings2006-02-01 Possible VM bug. Pointing an object to another reference that is statically created in another class failed.
Robert Hastings2006-02-01 Allow deletes using a Value structure. Don't fail if we unregister but a key is already gone
Robert Hastings2006-02-01 Find an already running Java VM when possible
Adam Perry-Pelletier2006-02-01 Added extra logging to print out what classpaths are appended. Also added windows event logging when "register_natives" fails.