Change Log for jSegue

Robert Hastings2006-02-18 Added -disp_entry. With this option you can have tlb2java generate a reverse com thunk that points to a function in a dll. You can use this anytime reverse com cannot decode the method args and call the underlying java automatically. Added -raw_method_prefix. With this option you can reset the prefix tlb2java uses in front of method. Normally, #import uses raw_ for the raw method prefix, and that is the default.
Robert Hastings2006-02-18 Fixed warning
Robert Hastings2006-02-18 Added test for property of type LPWSTR
Robert Hastings2006-02-18 Allow new_object to each a jclass for a Class * Added length method to string_critical. Added global get_array_element<>
Robert Hastings2006-02-18 IPropertyPage needs RECT and a custom converter for HWND.
Robert Hastings2006-02-18 Added better support for reverse COM structure conversion. Refactored jni_EnsureMethodInfo to be simpler since it was the source of a couple of bugs. Fixed a missing catch in do_hresult_handler. Better return handling for non-automation based interfaces. Anytime the java method returns an int we pass that back as the return value otherwise we still return S_OK (0). Fixed LPWSTR handling in reverse COM. Fixed a bug in initVtbl that would cause JVM to crash if TYPELIB class was missing. After the first thunk failed subsequent thunk creation would crash.
Robert Hastings2006-02-18 JUnit test for HWND
Robert Hastings2006-03-01 Because we routinely put multiple type libraries into the same java package we needed to refactor the way we find type library information for reverse COM and IDispatch support. Instead of having a package wide TYPELIB class we have a TYPELIB_{guid} and then each interface, structure, etc has a reference to TYPELIB_{guid}.class.
Robert Hastings2006-03-01 IPropertyPage support is added so that you can create Ole Property pages using Java.
Robert Hastings2006-03-01 Generate new bindings for IPropertyPage from a clean build.
Robert Hastings2006-03-01 Fixed failed unit test. Replaced hand coded NativeStructures with generated structures copied from tlb-binding one-time generation.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2006-03-02 Ended a utility function COM.Invoke so users can call Invoke on any IDispatch.
Robert Hastings2006-03-04 Added more fine grained control over the typing system. Now it can look into the package.xml (specified with the -xjavadoc param, weird, will add a new parameter for this later). For a param element three new sub elements are allowed java-type, jni-type, and jni-converter. The @name attribute of these elements defines the retyped information that tlb2java will generate.
Robert Hastings2006-03-04 Added more package.xml support. Now you can declare custom thunks for reverse com in the package.xml. For example: <method name="GetPages> <reverse-com thunk="_thunk_ISpecifyPropertyPages_GetPages@8" dll="com_moesol_bindings.dll"/> </method> tells tlb2java to generate a custom thunk entry for GetPages.
Robert Hastings2006-03-04 Added forward and reverse bindings for ISpecifyPropertyPages
Robert Hastings2006-03-04 Added getWidth and getHeight to RECT
Robert Hastings2006-03-04 Added native binding to OleCreatePropertyFrame so that we can system test IPropertyPage forward and reverse COM.
Robert Hastings2006-03-04 Fixed bug with TYPELIB refactor, added missing TYPELIB fields.
Robert Hastings2006-03-07 Added documentation on how you can get the java loggers configured.
Robert Hastings2006-03-07 Added missing link to Reverse COM documentation.
Robert Hastings2006-03-07 Added a 0x prefix to a hex printout since I was confused without it.
Robert Hastings2006-03-07 Fixed leaked IUnknown.Jni objects
Robert Hastings2006-03-07 Added a new java.util.logging.Handler, EventLogHandler. This handler will copy java log entries to the Windows Event Log.
Robert Hastings2006-03-07 Cleaned up E_NOINTERFACE reporting so that we do not get so many log messages about COMExceptions being thrown over to the native side.
Robert Hastings2006-03-07 OLE PropertyPage support now working and a system test to verify. This includes IPropertyPage and ISpecifyPropertyPages forward and reverse COM support.
Robert Hastings2006-03-07 Refactored some of the code from the sample property page test into JEmbeddedFrame so that they are easy to access. Two main additions are being able to call embeddedInit and setting up a repaint timer.
Robert Hastings2006-03-07 Fixed bug, if timer never started it is null.
Robert Hastings2006-03-07 Removed calls to embeddedInit they can lead to deadlock.
Adam Perry-Pelletier2006-03-08 Refactored the way both the GenericSink and the jni_ComInterfaceThunk access the jni_Entries list by injecting a jni_EntriesHelper into the architecture. This new class manages the jni_Entries list so that the entries list can extended regardless of how it was originally constructed by either the GenericSink or the jni_ComInterfaceThunk. This fixes a bug in which the system would crash if the jni_Entry list was constructed first by the GenericSink and then later accessed by the jni_ComInterfaceThunk without first being properly extended.
Robert Hastings2006-03-12 Cleaned up the version-properties shared target in jSegue/lib/shared-build.xml. You no longer have to have src/com/moesol/Version.h in every project. There is one in jSegue that is shared by all projects. To support this @buildProductName@ and @buildCopyright@ were added as properties to version-properties.
Robert Hastings2006-03-12 Added a java-clean target that just deletes **/*.class files.
Robert Hastings2006-03-12 Convert the LCID from string to int using hex base. Print out the LCID as 0x<lcid> as a reminder that the LCIDs are encoded as hex in the registry.
Robert Hastings2006-03-14 Fixed minor regrestion. Showing the LCID in hex was causing all future output to show in hex, darn that iostream stuff, fixed.
Karl Schricker2006-03-14 Temporarily disable clover.
Karl Schricker2006-03-14 Put dist back in to anthill target.
Karl Schricker2006-03-15 Added separate clover build/junit/report targets that are run as part of the anthill target
build2006-03-15 Committed_by_Anthill
Karl Schricker2006-03-15 Removed dead target
Karl Schricker2006-03-16 Refactored the junit-run targets. Reworked several dependencies to include the clover-report into the file. TODO - determine if breaking up the build-doc target would be cleaner than using dependencies for including the clover report. At this point, the clover-report must be included in the dist, since the contents.html file contains a link to the report - perhaps the <ul> should be the result of a transform.
Karl Schricker2006-03-16 Added the clover-report.
Karl Schricker2006-03-16 Changed title for clover-report <li>.
Robert Hastings2006-03-17 Fixed crash when retrieving a parameter name. Turns out that you don't have to give a parameter a name, in which case it comes back as NULL. To support javadoc lookup, etc. when we get back NULL we use param{X} where X is the zero based parameter number.