Package com.moesol.bindings

Interface Summary
NativeResourceChecker Implement this interface and register with NativeLeakDetectionThread to be notified when the reference to be checked becomes phantomly reachable.

Class Summary
AllocationLocation Record the location stack of allocation calls.
DispatchJavaCoClass Internal helper.
DispatchJavaCommon Internal helper.
DispatchJavaInterface Internal helper.
DispatchJavaMethod Internal helper.
DispatchJavaStructure Internal helper.
NativeArrayOfStructs Wrap native bytes that represent native arrays of structs.
NativeLeakDetectionThread This singleton thread checks for native resource leaks.
NativeLibraryLoader Load native libraries using a flexible search.
NativeStructure Wraps the bytes of a native structure with a java class that allows easier access to the java compatible values of structure fields at given offsets.

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